STAR is a charity for Somerset children designated as in need.  Our aim is to provide opportunities through music, sport, art and recreation to young people aged 1-25 who are most disadvantaged.


We fund young people to take part in music, sport, art and recreational activities. Through these activities we aim to:

  • Provide young people with stability
  • Improve independence and build confidence
  • Build self esteem, improve feelings of self worth and physical and mental well being
  • Improve social skills
  • Provide and fund activities that broaden young people’s horizons
  • Connect young people with their local communities


ROUTE`is a Somerset county wide mentoring and advocacy service for young people and children aged between 5 and 19 years who are experiencing difficulties at home, in care or with education and training.  The programme targets the most disaffected, disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people in Somerset by matching them with long term volunteer mentors from the local community.  They currently support over 150 mentoring relationships.  More details about ROUTE1 can be found on their website.

STAR supports the work of ROUTE1by funding activities that the mentor can engage their mentee in, providing opportunities for this incredibly important relationship to develop over time.  STAR is a linchpin to their work with young people, and that it is difficult to over estimate the contribution STAR’s effort has made to mentored youngsters.  Funded by STAR, ROUTE1 mentees have taken music and riding lessons, joined sports and art clubs, learned work related skills, travelled and otherwise taken part in activities which their circumstances previously made impossible.

In working together both STAR and ROUTE1promote the outcomes of Every Child Matters, the UK government framework which asserts that children should be supported to be healthy and safe, with opportunities to enjoy, achieve, make a positive contribution to society and achieve economic well being.

Find out more about who we support, how we support and the outcomes of our work .

This day provided a young person not only with an opportunity to enjoy herself but to excel.  It gave a mentor a chance to offer praise to a young person who has very low self esteem and to offer reassurance that she was someone that can be respected and whose company is appreciated and enjoyed.  In every respect I felt it was a very positive mentoring experience.  Thank you to STAR for making it possible.

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