Who We Support

STAR supports children and young people aged between 1 and 25 designated as “in need” within Somerset.  We support those who:

  • Are in care
  • Are care leavers
  • Have a disability
  • Are experiencing inadequate parenting
  • Have behaviour that can present significant difficulties
  • Are experiencing discrimination
  • Have circumstances that prevent them from experiencing a range of activities and opportunities available to other children and young people of a similar age
  • Are living in an environment that is threatening to their health and development
  • Are in need of therapeutic support
  • Are at risk off offending and criminal behaviour

We focus on the most disadvantaged, particularly those with mental health problems, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, young carers, drug related problems, victims of abuse and crime and those at risk of offending.  A large number of these young people are isolated in rural areas. Many of the young people who benefit from STAR have a volunteer ROUTE1 Independent visitor.  Through our partnership with ROUTE1 we fund or co-fund activities which these youngsters try out or commit to longer term with the encouragement and support of their Independent visitor.

Find out more about how we support and the outcomes of our work.

Peter goes to the gym 3x a week & really enjoys it. It is one of the few activities that gets him out and motivated. Since he got into the gym he has changed physically and mentally and is a lot fitter. Peter is very grateful STAR has renewed his membership. Thank you

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