Ice Skating at Hestercombe

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On Sunday the 6th January PROMISE held a morning of ice skating at Hestercombe House near Taunton.  Over 30 mentors and young people attended the event, most of whom braved the ‘ice’ at some point during the morning. Alan was very apprehensive about trying the skating but seeing everyone else having fun and falling over without hurting themselves, he decided to give it a go.  What was lovely was seeing the young people interacting and cooperating, with the older ones looking after the younger ones.  The noise levels in the marquee indicated that everyone was enjoying themselves and, as one mentor said to me, for her young person “it was one of the highlights of her year and she is really looking forward to next year’.

When 12.00 arrived and we were asked to vacate the ice, there was a real feeling of disappointment that the session was over.  We decided to go for lunch with another young person and their mentor and the conversation was all about the morning – what they had done, how fast they had skated, how funny their mentors looked trying to stand up on the ice!”  This carried on during the drive home and it made a nice change to talk about the morning rather than having rap music playing in my ear!  I have woken up this morning with bruises in strange places and a rather sore bottom, but it was worth it.  A huge thank you to STAR for funding the event and to PROMISE for organsing it.  We are both looking forward to next year.

Kevin and Alan

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