New Year Ice Skating Day

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The lad I mentor is autistic and has adhd. I knew he hadn’t tried ice skating before, so I was surprised when he gave me a grin and said that he’d try anything once! I fully expected him to get his skates on and then 5 mins later say he was ready to go home.

When we arrived and walked in he began to develop a limp and tell me his foot hurt…I could tell the nerves were beginning to set in.

However, I was so delighted to discover he was a ‘natural’ (unlike myself) and stayed on the ice for the whole session, circling the rink and giving me a wave each time he passed me. It was fantastic to be able to praise him and see him grow in confidence – hopefully to try new things in the future.

The trip was well organised with great supervision. The ice rink was nicely set out with a ‘winter wonderland ‘feel. All the staff were helpful and cheerful. The lad I work with is very ‘risk averse’ and the high level of support and supervision on the ice from the staff helped him get over the initial shock of his first fall and get up and keep skating.

He doesn’t give praise just to be polite, so I knew that when he said ‘Well I really enjoyed that’ on the way home he meant it!

Thanks for a great outing. 



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