Art Project

PROJECT 3 – Building Resilience in Disadvantaged Children and Young People Through Activities in the Arts. 

StageOur aim is to fund up to 1000 sessions in the arts for disadvantaged children and young people and to include up to £500 of equipment and costumes to enable the young people involved to pursue these activities.

Arts projects have demonstrated the power that music provides in creating a positive impact on the social and emotional development and well being of children and young people facing challenging circumstances.  Our own evaluation has proven that our Arts awards to young people have made a significant impact on creating positive and lasting change in their lives, helping them to build and develop resilience for coping with difficult circumstances.  A resilient child can resist adversity, cope with uncertainty and recover more successfully from traumatic events or episodes. 

Our project will:

  • Create opportunities to try out different arts activities
  • Fund weekly dance, ballet, art, craft drama and youth theatre tuition
  • Fund the hire and purchase of arts equipment
  • Improve knowledge and involvement of arts opportunities within Somerset
  • Pay for transport costs to activities where the young people are isolated in rural areas or are unable to pay for travel to arts activities

Project Outcomes: Our arts project aims to deliver the following outcomes for our beneficiaries:

  • Build and develop resilience to challenging circumstances
  • Improve engagement in learning
  • Improve emotional and physical health and well being
  • Develop talent
  • Improve self esteem and self worth
  • Improve social skills and provide opportunities to make new friendships
  • Improve behaviour and reduce anti social and offending behaviour
  • Create positive relationships with adults
  • Greater community engagement and a sense of belonging

Alex wanted to dance – and showed that he could! However, he had a history of dangerous behaviour. Dedication to his talent and support from STAR has led him to the threshold of a career as a professional dancer.  In the process he has found ways to channel and manage his explosive personality.

Please consider helping support our music project in 2015.
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