Music Project

PROJECT 1 – Building Resilience in Children and Young People Through Musical Opportunities. 

Building resilience through Musical Opportunities

Our aim is to fund approximately 750 music sessions for 50 children and young people, which is on average £200 per year per child. This will include up to £500 of musical equipment for up to 15 children and young people to enable them to take part in musical activities.

Music funded projects have demonstrated the power that music provides in creating a positive impact on the social and emotional development and well being of children and young people facing challenging circumstances.  Our own evaluation has proven that our music awards to young people have made a significant impact on creating positive and lasting change in their lives, helping them to build and develop resilience for coping with difficult circumstances.  A resilient child can resist adversity, cope with uncertainty and recover more successfully from traumatic events or episodes. 

Our project will:

  • Create opportunities to try out different musical activities
  • Fund weekly music tuition for those showing an interest and talent in music
  • Fund the hire and purchase of instruments
  • Improve knowledge and involvement of music making opportunities within Somerset
  • Pay for transport costs to activities where the young people are isolated in  rural areas or are unable to pay for travel to musical activities

Project Outcomes: Our music project aims to deliver the following outcomes for our beneficiaries:

  •  Build and develop resilience to challenging circumstances
  • Improve engagement in learning
  • Improve emotional and physical health and well being
  • Develop talent
  • Improve self esteem and self worth
  • Improve social skills and provide opportunities to make new friendships
  • Improve behaviour and reduce anti social and offending behaviour
  • Create positive relationships with adults
  • Greater community engagement and a sense of belonging

By the start of her secondary education, Shannah had been reduced to tears and panic attacks, both at home and at school. She felt unable to make any contribution in class and fled if called upon; at home she was treated with disdain and made to feel small.  Having been offered a PROMISE mentor, Shannah began to rediscover her real self. A key moment was when her mentor suggested and helped to arrange singing lessons, in strong contrast to her father’s dismissive, critical attitude.  STAR funded these lessons and dancing lessons were later added.  Now Shannah is preparing for Tertiary Education to study performing arts, and is a mature and confident young woman.

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