STAR would like to thank the following organisations for supporting the work that we do.

ROUTE1 ADVOCACY                                                                  PROMISEworks – Somerset Mentoring service



ROUTE1 & PROMISEworks is a Somerset county wide mentoring and advocacy service for young people and children aged between 5 and 19 years who are experiencing difficulties at home, in care or with education and training.  The programme targets the most disaffected, disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people in Somerset by matching them with long term volunteer mentors from the local community.  They currently support over 150 mentoring relationships.  More details about ROUTE1 & PROMISEworks can be found on their website.

ROUTE1 & PROMISE works recognises that STAR is a linchpin to their work with young people, and that it is difficult to over estimate the contribution STAR’s effort has made to mentored youngsters.  Funded by STAR, ROUTE1 & PROMISEworks Independent visitors and mentees have taken music and riding lesson’s, learned work related skills, travelled and otherwise taken part in activities which their circumstances previously made impossible.

In working together both STAR and ROUTE1 & PROMISEworks promote the outcomes of Every Child Matters, the UK government framework which asserts that children should be supported to be healthy and safe, with opportunities to enjoy, achieve, make a positive contribution to society and achieve economic well being.

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