Over the last 20 years, the charity has proven time and time again that the work we do is invaluable - not just for the children we support, but for the parents and carers, the schools and the wider community.


We continually evaluate the outcomes of the work that we do, looking for the positive changes and improvements in a young person, such as:

Social skills & friendships
Enhance education
Physical & mental health
Self esteem
Willingness to take part & try new things
Community engagement
Outcomes and Impact


Through STAR’s evaluation process we are able to assess the difference STAR’s funding has made to Somerset’s most vulnerable families.  The impact on those that have received STAR`s support shows that providing  funding can truly makes a positive different to Children`s and Young People`s lives. 

During 2020 and the difficulties of the COVID pandemic, STAR still managed to support..

Boy riding bike
Ice skating

STAR`s Achievements

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STAR has committed £2000 to enable babies and toddlers learn to swim. 

We look forward to hearing the impact this funding has had.

A difficult year for children with many of their activities not running.

However, STAR still managed to support online activities such as music and art. STAR also offered art & craft activity packs to the most vulnerable children.


During the summer of 2020 STAR supported young people to attend outdoor activities,

including D of E and summer school.



During summer of 2020 STAR supported young care leavers to attend outdoor gym sessions and one young person to participate in the Tall Ships Experience.


““Tobogganing was good and fun” “It was fast and furious” “I enjoyed everything”.
“Today, I enjoyed skiing, it was fun. I was scared to death, but I enjoyed it at the end of the day!””

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