What has sport done for me ?

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What has sport done for me ?

Primarily, I have always continued with a variety of sports for the enjoyment. I believe sport can bring a smile to the face of anyone of any age simply because of its exciting and dynamic nature. Sport allows anyone the chance to take part and just enjoy participating in an enjoyable activity.

Additionally, I have always been a highly competitive person in everything I do so I have found playing a sport with, at times, such intense competition has allowed me to express myself and show a small part of my personality. The sense of achievement when I do win a match or score a goal is an amazing feeling and as I have worked my way up the levels within my sport (in my case football) the sense of achievement and pride is amplified.

Also, I have found I have formed a lot of friendships. At every team I have been in, I have found myself making many new friends, some of which will be lifelong. This has not only made training more enjoyable but has developed my social skills; I have learnt to communicate and interact with teammates and coaches in the most optimal way. Working in a team environment has allowed me to enhance my ability to work well and efficiently with others, many of these skills reflecting in my day to day life.

Furthermore, participating in exercise of any form has the benefit of keeping me fit. This has the physical benefits of staying in shape and staying strong plus the psychological benefit of feeling better in myself. Sport has helped boost my self-esteem and boost my confidence in my abilities, not only in sport, but in general life tasks. I believe this has allowed me to get on better with friends and form healthier relationships with not only friends but family.

For me, I have enjoyed my sport and have found I am pretty good at it. I think this has helped drive me personally to make my coaches and family proud. I want to do the best I can and get to the highest level I can driven purely by my desire to make myself and those around me proud. This is one of the reasons I work so hard in my sport and what drives me to continue playing and training as hard as I do.

A final benefit of participating in sports is stress relief, personally, a relief from my studies but also a relief from arguments at home or with friends. It also allows an escape from personal struggles. Football has allowed me to let off steam and sometimes just unwind for a couple of hours and have a good time. Sometimes, coming away from it all and entering an almost parallel life with a new set of friends gains me a clearer head and a more relaxed outlook on life.

Emily Syme

TAUNTON footballer Emily Syme has been named in the England squad which will take part in the Uefa Women’s Under-19 Championship this month – and she has a new club for the 2019/20 season.


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