What is the Difference between a Bug and an Insect ?

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On a wet Wednesday in August 6 mentors and 8 young people met the BugFest Gang at Tilham Farm.

We were introduced to an African Land snail called Jeff, a millipede (who remained unnamed), stick insects- large and small, whip scorpions, and of course a tarantula!!

The non-venomous insects we were allowed to hold, though some of the young people decided it  was better to let the mentors handle this. We practiced our maths by working out exactly how many legs the millipede has (4 per segment of his body and he had 69 segments).

We learnt that Whip Scorpions starred in Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets and that Tarantulas shed their whole skin.

The Bugfest folk were really knowledgeable and we were all very brave when it came to holding some of the critters!!

We finished the afternoon with a 4 aside football match … being careful not to squash bugs as we went.

We would like to thank everyone connected with STAR for the opportunities that your funding has given to the  young people in Somerset.


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